Calais Migrants Trying to Reach a Ferry by Swimming

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Seven migrants had to be rescued after swimming to a ferry
Seven migrants had to be rescued after swimming to a ferry
A ferry off the port of Calais, 2011 – Mr. Libert

Seven people were rescued in the port of Calais …

They really was just trying to cross the Channel. We just learned that seven migrants were rescued on the night of Monday to Tuesday in Calais, while trying to swim to reach the ferries to England.

Four of them were found at 11pm on Monday evening and three other around 4:30am on Tuesday morning. According to the Voix du Nord, the harbour master who rescued the seven men, said that they were all suffering from hypothermia.

In Calais, attempts to repeat

There are approximately 3,500 people who are currently refugees in the Calais area, a majority are hoping to pass illegally to the United Kingdom. Since early September, the bulk of intrusion attempts have been observed on the ferry terminal or at the entrance of the Channel Tunnel.

On 15 September, a young Moroccan had been removed from the water in the port of Calais.  In 2014, migrants had also attempted to cross the Channel by swimming, and that raft.

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