One in Two French are Active on Facebook

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One in Two French regularly use Facebook
One in Two French regularly use Facebook
The homepage of the social network Facebook. – LOIC VENANCE / AFP

On Tuesday, the Social network crossed the milestone of 30 million active users in France …

On Tuesday, Facebook  passed the milestone of 30 million active users in France.  That’s 2 million more than in November 2014, the social network announced in a statement. Active users are those who post or share content or “like” an article at least once in the month.

Growth, even more pronounced on mobile

“Today, nearly one in two French are using Facebook to exchange information about a large range of subjects they feel strongly about with people, brands, companies and  institutions. We wish to warmly thank each of the 30 million French who trust us, “said Laurent Solly, General Manager of Facebook France.

Mobile, growth was even more pronounced: more than 24 million French people now use Facebook on their mobile when they were only 21 million in November 2014.

“We will continue to innovate to offer everyone an ever more personalized experience, richer and more relevant.”

The video network

“Among the French who look at Facebook every day, more than 50% watch a video,” said Laurent Solly, citing a figure from January.  Even more than elsewhere, the video is France’s No. 1 engine of the network: the number of videos posted on Facebook France has doubled in one year (93%) against 75% globally.

The French, particularly the young are dedicated to news sites (Buzzfeed, Konbini, Melty …), major media (20 Minutes, The Team, Les Echos, Canal +, TF1 …) and share many of the promotional videos that accompany the launch of upcoming great movies.

As for advertising, the contents of their pages – their newsfeed, or “timeline” – compounds are “5-7% of sponsored links on average,” said Laurent Solly. “This is a percentage that is wanted, our advertising strategy is not to overload the timeline sponsored post”.

The ten most discussed topics on Facebook France in 2014 ranged from the most serious subjects to the most light hearted, such as : The World Cup, and Francois Hollande, Pharrell Williams, Olympique de Marseille, Stromae, Game of Thrones, the 70 years since the D-Day landing, The death of Robin Williams, the conflict in Gaza and the Ice Bucket Challenge.

1.49 billion users worldwide

On the 28th August, Facebook crossed the billion people connected in one day, for the first time in its history.

Facebook now has over 1.49 billion users worldwide, including 798 million who use the mobile version.  Globally, about 20% of mobile time is spent on Facebook, where users spend 46 minutes per day.

Every day more than 968 million people log on to Facebook in order to exchange 10 billion messages are share 4.75 billion items of content.

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