Lille: The First Refugees Arrive Monday

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Lille ready to start receiving imigrants

Lille ready to start receiving imigrants

Martine Aubry announced a hundred people would be welcome in her town …

The city hall announced Friday that the first refugees to be hosted in Lille will arrive Monday morning.

How much they will be neither one knows, nor their nationality or where they will be staying.  Nevertheless, the municipality announced the arrival on Monday of the first families of refugees, of the one hundred people that would like to host in Lille after the offer from the Mayor, Martine Aubry.  In a statement, the council has nevertheless said that “we expect many children and teenagers among the refugees who arrive on Monday.”

Greeted by Lille at City Hall

Their first step will be in Lille City Hall, where they will be received by the Mayor in person and anyone wishing to “welcome with warmth and respect.”  Lille will then likely be supported by partner associations in the municipality.

Furthermore, the municipality points out that 1400 people came forward “for donations of time, material goods” and that 233 of them have proposed a “welcome home”.  If you would like to donate any toys for all ages and clothing for children ranging from 8 months to 16 years, then they are accepting them on Saturday from 9 to 12 am at the Hôtel de Ville.

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