In Le Havre, Customs Intercepts 18 Tonnes of Hazardous Waste

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Customs discover a container with illegal waste
Customs discover a container with illegal waste
Customs Havre fell on 18 tonnes of hazardous waste to Le Havre. – Customs Havre Photos

Custom Officers of  Le Havre, who inspected a cargo container, due to be shipped by an automotive company to the African country of Mauritania, discovered that it contained hazardous waste whose export is illegal.  These included fuel filters, engines and used exhaust parts, according to a statement released earlier today, Wednesday, by customs.  Everything was stored in bulk, with no proper manifest, no labelling and no special protection.

Carries a penalty of 75,000 euros

According to the sworn statement signed by the manager of the car company, whose name was not released, the container was supposed to contain used engines and auto parts in good operation and cleared for export.

The illegal export of such waste is liable to a sentence of two years in prison and 75,000 euros fine according to the Environmental Code further states customs.

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