Road safety in Mayenne. 14 Licence Suspensions in One Week

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Road safety in Mayenne
Road safety in Mayenne
The police have conducted numerous road checks this week. | Ouest-France

Between Tuesday 18 and Monday, August 24, 14 driving licences were suspended in Mayenne. This figure comes as many accidents occurred on roads.

The prefecture confirmed that between Tuesday 18th  and Monday 24th August, 14 drivers have had their driving licences suspended.  Nine of them were for a period of six months (five due to drinking and driving, two for speeding and two for driving under the influence of a narcotic).

A one-year suspension was also pronounced for drug use.  In total, this represents 83 months of  licence suspension in a week.

Four died since the beginning of the month

It has also been noted that four people died on the roads mayennaises since the beginning of August, bringing the number of road deaths to ten since the beginning of the year.  The prefecture urges caution, particularly because of the harsh weather conditions and has made a commitment to further crackdowns during the coming months.

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