Electricity: Royal announced a 2.5% increase in rates from 1st August

Electricity prices to rise from 1st August
Electricity prices to rise from 1st August
Regulated electricity tariffs will rise by 2.5% on 1 August 2015 in France. – LCHAM / SIPA

The Minister of Ecology has excluded an alignment of taxation on diesel fuel than gasoline, this Thursday on BFM TV …

Regulated electricity tariffs are to  increase “by 2.5% on average” from the 1st August 2015, said Ségolène Royal on Thursday morning on BFMTV television.

This comes after the publication on Wednesday of a report from the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) arguing for an increase in electricity tariffs to compensate for the inadequate increases since 2012.  The CRE recommended an increase of 3.5% on the blue EDF rates (applied to individuals and small businesses) over two years, or 8% year on year.

Segolene Royal said the average tariff increase of electricity would be capped at around 2.5%.


No alignment of taxation of diesel and petrol

The  Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy has excluded  an alignment of taxation of diesel and gasoline by 2020, advocated on Wednesday by the report of a Senate inquiry into the cost of the air pollution.

When asked whether she supported such a measure, Ms Royal replied “no”, to the microphone of BFM TV, adding that rather than increasing taxes she wanted to “make people want to act as communities, businesses, farmers “to fight against pollution.

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