13 energy companies targeted for "abusive canvassing"

Energy Sector: 13 Companies Targeted for “Abusive Canvassing”

The premises of two companies marketing gas and electricity contracts and eleven of their subcontractors were raided by agents of the DGCCRF. The premises of two companies marketing gas and electricity contracts and eleven subcontractors working on their behalf were raided by agents of the DGCCRF as part of an investigation for “abusive canvassing”, practices increasing in the area. These searches, of a […]

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Energy cheques pay for electricity, gas, fuel and wood bills.

“Energy Cheques” Sent from Monday to 5.8 Million Homes

To benefit from the “energy chequs” to pay the heating bills and whose eligibility conditions have been extended in 2019, there is no necessary action he “energy cheques”, a device to help the most modest households to pay their energy bills , are sent from Monday 25th March, 2019. and will extend until the end of April. This boost will […]

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Gas prices to rise again in October

Gas: Regulated Tariffs will Increase in October, for the Sixth Consecutive Month

The increase in the price of gas amounts to 3.25% on average for the 4.5 million households benefiting from regulated tariffs New increase for regulated natural gas rates . The prices applied by Engie (ex-GDF Suez) will increase an average of 3.25% in October, according to a deliberation of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) published Tuesday in the Official […]

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The third wind farm in the Argentan area will be completed this year

Energy: The Third Wind Farm will soon come out of the ground in the Argentan region

Eleven wind turbines will come out of the ground in the Argentan region in the area of ​​Rânes, Saint-Brice-sous-Rânes and Saint-George-d’Annebecq. The project, launched almost 10 years ago, will end this year. The municipality of Rânes, in the Pays d’ Argentan , will host the third wind farm of the Orne. 11 large 140-meter wind turbines will grow during the year. These immense […]

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Gas prices in France will rise again in November

Gas: Regulated Tariffs Increase by 2.6% in November

ENERGY: Rates will increase by 0.8% for those who use gas for cooking, 2.7% for those who use it for heating and 1.2% for those who are dual-use … Regulated prices of natural gas, still applied by Engie to several million customers in France will increase on average by 2.6% in November 1, according to a decision of the […]

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The energy company JPee finally installed in Bouguenais, on the port of Nantes, 15,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels.

Port of Nantes: The Largest Photovoltaic Roof in the Region

ENERGY: Three warehousing warehouses of the company Sogebras, on the port of Nantes, will host the largest photo-voltaic power plant in Pays de la Loire Three warehousing warehouses of the company Sogebras, on the port of Nantes, will host the largest photo-voltaic power plant in Pays de la Loire. The renewable energy producer JPee is completing the installation […]

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Regulated tariffs of electicity, proposed by EDF to 27 million households, rise 1.7% on August 1st

Electricity: The Regulated Prices up 1.7% on 1st August

The government announced this Friday 28th July, the 1.7% increase in regulated electricity tariffs, as from the 1st August. The government announced on Friday 28th July that regulated electricity tariffs applied by EDF to 27 million households will increase by 1.7% on the 1st August, as part of the annual review of these tariffs. Rates “are […]

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The Nuclear Power Plant, Brennilis in Finistere will be dismantled by 2031

Brittany: Closed since 1985, the Brennilis Nuclear Power Plant will be Dismantled by 2031

ENERGY: The announcement was made at the wishes of the director … The schedule specifies if a bit. The Brennilis, in Finistère, should be completely dismantled by 2031. This was announced the director of the EDF site during his speech, which The Telegram attended . Fifty years after closure When stopped since 1985, the plant […]

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12 million people in France are struggling to pay their electricity and gas bills

Nearly 12 Million French People Struggling to Pay their Gas and Electricity Bills

ENERGY: Nearly 6 million households spend more than 10% of their income on their energy costs … More and more French households are struggling to pay their energy bills. This was the observation made on Tuesday by the National Fuel Poverty Observatory (ONPE) . Nearly 6 million households are thus considered in fuel poverty, that is […]

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Reactor shutdown: The electricity supply tight this winter 1

Reactor shutdown: The electricity supply tight this winter

The transmission network has announced that electrical supply would be “more difficult to ensure” this winter due to the shutdown of several reactors of the French nuclear fleet. In case of cold weather, exceptional solutions are considered as interruption of the power supply to certain sites. Electrical supply is “tricky” to make this winter than […]

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