Nantes: Two new MRI machines to reduce waiting times

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Nantes is to get two more MRI machines
Nantes is to get two more MRI machines
One of the two MRI CHU de Nantes – Nantes University Hospital

HEALTH: The Pays de la Loire is one of the least well-provided regions in this matter …

The wait may be shorter for patients in need of an MRI scan.  In recent days, two new devices are available at Nantes University Hospital (CHU) : one machine has been placed in the hospital l’Hôtel Dieu specializing in musculature and spine related problems, and the other specializing in pathologies neurobiology, is at the hopital Nord-Laënnec.

Waiting times for an MRI, “The situation is surreal in France”

Both facilities are open from 7am to 9pm, which should improve access to MRI scans and provide scans for  more than 10,000  patients a year, says the hospital.  The cost of the acquisition, with installation work is between € 750,000 and € 1.8 million according to MRI.

One of the less well-provided for regions

The Pays de la Loire was in 2012 one of the least well provided of this type of equipment amongst 26 regions.  In 2014, it took over 54 days of waiting time in the region to get this type of examination.

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