Nantes: She Leaves Her Five Week Baby Alone To Spend The Night In A Bar

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baby left alone while mother goes drinking
baby left alone while mother goes drinking
A baby drinks a bottle. Photo illustration | REX / SIPA

The father of the child, who visited the home of his ex-girlfriend, on Monday morning, found his son crying …

It was the father who gave the alert.  Yesterday morning the police were called to a sad case.  On the phone, a man asserted that he had found his son aged five weeks old crying all alone in the home of his ex-girlfriend.  He had forced the door of the home, Bellevue neighborhood, Nantes, to take care and feed him, police said.

A last bottle before going out

His former partner, aged 20, had spent the evening in a bar.  She had sent a text message to the father of the child, who had doubts before going to the home in the morning before going to work.

Later in the afternoon, she explained to the police that she had given a last bottle to her baby and then he fell asleep.  She also said that she was on her way back but when she saw the police, she was afraid to go home because of the consequences of her actions.

The investigation is still underway, while the infant was transported to University Hospital for tests.

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