Young People Can Now Work At Heights

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Young people under 18 can now work at heights
Young people under 18 can now work at heights
Young people under 18 can work at height. – Philippe Huguen- AFP

Two decrees which relax the rules on hazardous work for young people in vocational training and allow under 18 year olds to carry out temporary work at height, were published Sunday in the Official Journal.

The first decree allows “the allocation of young people under the age of eighteen, to be able to do temporary work at height” in particular in order “to allow an exemption for the use of ladders, step ladders and steps”.

It also allows “for the purposes of vocational training for young people, to waive the default work height and collective protection against the risk of falling provided that the young person is provided with personal protective equipment and trained, “the decree states.

Until the age of 18 years old, young people working or under training were prohibited certain hazardous work, such as climbing a ladder, without their safety being tightly regulated by “collective protection measures”, that is to say, railings or nets.

Minors in vocational training could in turn make the said works regulated (operating hazardous machinery, erection and dismantling of scaffolding, etc.), subject to obtaining clearance from the labor inspection.

The second decree published on Sunday relaxes this extent, “by replacing the system of authorization by the labor inspector declarative regime.” The regulatory control will therefore be now retrospectively.

The two decrees, which will come into force on May 2, 2015, are from the “50 new simplification measures for companies” announced by the government in October 2014.

Fourteen of them were included in the law on simplifying corporate life, published December 21, 2014 in the Official Journal. The other 36 were then to be adopted by decree or order, or changing the practices of the administration.

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