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A Great Day Out 1
Motorbikes in St Michel de la Roe
Motorbikes in the village


Had a great day here yesterday, as my firstly my daughter and grandson was coming up from Nantes for the day, as we had planned to go to the English boot sale, which I mentioned the other day.

But as they just arrived we had a motorcycle parade come through our village.  A similar thing happened last year, and it is where they go through various villages to promote the benefit of registering for Blood Donations.

Harley Davidson
One of the Harley Davidson motorbikes



Last year, they just paused for a few seconds in the village and then carried on to the next village, but this year, they all parked up and had drinks for about 30 minutes, giving us the chance to have a good look around the bikes, something my grandson was really excited about as he enjoys looking at motorbikes.

Then after we went to the English boot sale at La Rouaudiere, which had a really good atmosphere, as was quite busy, helped no doubt by the fact that it was fantastic weather.  We had a good look around the various stalls, watched the dog training exhibition, my grandson had a bounce on the bouncy castle, which then made him sick, and also watched the Morris dancing exhibitions that were taking place.

Morris Dancing
Morris Dancing at the English Boot Sale

After a few hours there, we decided then to go to the Spring fair that was being held in Congrier, in the main square of the village.  Once again, we had caught up with the motorbikes, and saw the parade for a second time, before taking a look around the various exhibitors that were in the marquees and then having a drink with some friends from our village and listening to some music.

It was certainly a great day out.  I managed to take some videos, one below is a compilation of the day one, and I will put others up over the next day when I get chance to upload them.


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