Smuggling – A Tonne of Tobacco seized in the Loire Atlantique

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A tonne of tobacco was seized by customs in the Loire last year
A tonne of tobacco was seized by customs in the Loire last year
The fight against tobacco parallel traffic is a priority of Customs. | Christophe Jaunet

The customs of the Loire Valley made its 2014 report A year of good results in the fight against tobacco smuggling.

The customs of the Loire seized a tonne of contraband tobacco, last year. “This is a very good result” says Christophe Cuidard, Director of Customs Loire Valley. “Two thirds of these cigarettes seized the Nantes-Atlantique airport.  The black market is flourishing. The financial stakes are high. “

The customs of the Loire presented on Thursday, the results of its 2014 activity in the region, 60 kg of drugs were intercepted (heroin, cocaine, cannabis), for a total value of € 500,000. Thus, in November, 2644 ecstasy pills were seized in Nantes, highway toll.

Customs has also seized nearly 400,000 non-compliant counterfeit objects, often during checks at the port of Saint-Nazaire: toys, adult medicines, water inflatable toys, pairs of sunglasses, electric chargers, shoes, clothing etc. “These objects can be very dangerous and lethal as they do not meet the French and European standards.” 

In the fight against counterfeiting, customs of the Loire seized 45,000 items in 2014. classics like fake luxury bags, mobile phones, shoes and clothing brands, toys, electronics and IT. But also hygiene products, medicine, makeup, jewelry … “In terms of counterfeiting, there are nowadays all kinds of products and goods” observes Christophe Cuidard.

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