Shops in Rennes. An agreement for Sundays and holidays

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New agreement reached for Sunday opening
New agreement reached for Sunday opening
All partners meeting at the time of signing the MoU. | Ouest-France

 An agreement was signed on Thursday morning across the Region of Rennes.  It allows special opening on two Sundays in the year, and three holiday days.

“I am delighted to have found common ground,” said Andre Crocq, the city’s President of Rennes region. “We can be proud of this very broad consensus” , says Emmanuel Couet for his part, the President of Rennes Métropole .

Five exceptional openings

This morning, after several months of negotiations, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on exceptional opening of shops. In 2015, businesses will be able to open two Sundays (13th and 20th December, during the end of year festivities) and three National holiday dates  (8 May, August 15 and November 11).

Except the CGT and FO

The agreement was signed by the social partners and stakeholders of trade, with the exception of CGT and FO unions that have refused to initial the text, saying it undermines the rights of employees. The agreement will be evaluated in Autumn. It will be probably repeated in following years, but perhaps with different dates.

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