At The Market

At The Market 1

Artotheque, Chateaubriant, ExhibitionWhile at the market in Châteaubriant (44) earlier today, I noticed that there was an exhibition in the indoor market, the Marché couvert, called Artotheque, which during a quiet period, decided to go and have a look.

It was quite good with a variety of artists exhibiting.  There was paintings, sketches and sculptures in a variety of materials,

Artotheque, Chateaubriant, ExhibitionAlthough it is only a small space, there are quite a large variety of exhibitions as you can see from the photos that I took.

If you are interested in going along to take a look, the Exhibition is open up to the 23rd November, open every day from 2.30 pm – 6.30 pm, and on Wednesday and Saturday, open also in the morning from 10 am till midday.

The Leaflet from the exhibition is also below.

Artotheque, Chateaubriant, Exhibition
At The Market 2

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