Fitting In


One of the best ways of getting out and about, making new friends and becoming part of the community may be to join one of the many associations.

Yesterday, we visited an exhibition of the local societies, well my wife was taking part in one of the dance shows so we were going any way, although we go every year as it is a good way to see old friends and meet new ones as well.

On display besides the Dancing, was the village Band, Twirlers, and a theatre group. Inside the hall was various exhibits of the different activities taking place in the village including, football, gymnastics, judo, multi sports and choral singing, as well as different associations you could join such as the Voluntier Fire service, Fishing asoociation or be part of the association for restoring the local Mill.

Every age and taste seemed to be catered for, and it is an ideal way to intergrate into the local community.

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