Breton Dance Group Rehersal

breton Dance in the village

Last Night was a strange night as this weekend, Sunday in fact, My wife is taking part in a Breton dance Group in our village, promoting the activites that go on in the village throughout the year. So tonight they were going to have a final practice, followed by a family picnic.

We arrived at the hal at about 8.30 pm, and a wooden stage had already been constructed outside the village hall in preparation for the following days event, and rehersals started which continued for about 30 minutes. Then after we all watched the rehersals, out came the tables, chairs, food and wine and we all sat around including the children, sharing food and drink, having a laugh and joke whilst traditional breton music was playing in the background. Luckily somebody had brought their camper van which had a television in it so we could keep nipping back and forth to grab the football result.

Afterwards we all joined in for many hours of dancing, in actual fact the breton dance looks quite easy but is actually quite difficult, and I got my feet muddled up many a time throughout the evening, but that is part of the fun.

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