Strong winds reaching gusts near 100 km/h will blow in the Channel placed in yellow warning until 6 pm this Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Weather: Yellow Warning for the Coasts of La Manche

Following the weather information transmitted by Meteo France, the department is placed on a yellow warning alert for high winds up to 6pm on Tuesday 26th December, according to the prefecture of the La Manche. In the English Channel, the wind will blow up to 80 km/h next night on the coast of the department. Wind […]

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Waves up to 10 m are expected in Brittany and on the Channel coast Saturday.

Weather: Expected Waves of 8 or 9 metres in Brittany and the Channel Coast

A Yellow weather warning for strong gusts of wind and waves up to 9 meters high are expected in Brittany and 8 meters on the coast of the Channel, Saturday, October 21st. The forecasts. We must be careful this weekend, especially this Saturday 21st October, 2017. Strong winds are expected to reach the coasts of Brittany and Normandy, accompanied by waves of up […]

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Calvados has been placed on yellow alert for storms by Meteo France

Weather: Calvados on Yellow Warning for Storms

Meteo France placed the Calvados department in yellow alert for Thunderstorms, this Tuesday, August 29, 2017 from 6pm, until 6am tomorrow. After the rain, thunderstorms? In any case what announces Weather for France Calvados. The department has experienced a strong period of heat, Monday 28th and Tuesday, August 29th, 2017. It has been placed in yellow alert […]

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Although dry in the morning, thunderstorms are forecast in the afternoon in the Charente

Weather in Charente: Thunderstorms Expected Early Afternoon

WEATHER FORECAST: Although cloudy in the morning, thunderstorms will arrive in the afternoon in the Charente department … The sun will not be out all day in the Charente sky. The storms are due to come from the West and South according to the forecast from Meteo France, gradually, in the late morning. The rains will intensify […]

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Departments in Normabdy are on a Yellow warning for snow and ice

Weather: Snow and ice, the cold settles in Normandy

Orne, Calvados and Manche are under a yellow warning for snow and ice during the night. Seine-Maritime prefecture triggered the alert “cold weather”. Three departments under snow and ice warning The cold settles in Normandy. In the night from Wednesday 8th to Thursday, February 9, 2017, the former Lower Normandy is under yellow alert for […]

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The heatwave orange alert was lifted for 43 departments.

Heatwave: More Breathable Air, 68 departments in Yellow Vigilance

The mercury is declining in France. The orange alert for the heatwave was lifted for 43 departments on Sunday August 28th. Still, 68 departments were placed in yellow warning, heatwaves and storms for some of them. Although the warning has changed from orange to Yellow, we must remain vigilant and on alert in case of sensitive activities […]

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Meteo France issues a Yellow warning for the Brittany area

Brittany: Meteo France Issues Yellow Weather Warning

Finistère is even subject to a warning of Dangerous waves … While the storms had so far spared Brittany, wind and waves seem to have made ​​an appointment with the Atlantic coast at the beginning of 2016. As in recent days, Météo France has placed three of the four Breton departments in Yellow alert for thunderstorms […]

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