Weather: Expected Waves of 8 or 9 metres in Brittany and the Channel Coast

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Waves up to 10 m are expected in Brittany and on the Channel coast Saturday.

A Yellow weather warning for strong gusts of wind and waves up to 9 meters high are expected in Brittany and 8 meters on the coast of the Channel, Saturday, October 21st. The forecasts.

We must be careful this weekend, especially this Saturday 21st October, 2017. Strong winds are expected to reach the coasts of Brittany and Normandy, accompanied by waves of up to 9 meters high off the Finistere coastline and 8 meters off the Channel coast.

Yellow weather warning for winds

In his newsletter Friday, October 20, Météo France maintains the departments of Brittany and the English Channel and Calvados on a yellow alert for risk of high winds.

Brittany, Manche and Calvados are yellow alert for high winds.
Brittany, Manche and Calvados are yellow alert for high winds. (Capture © Météo France)

Big waves expected

Degradation is expected in Brittany during the night of Friday to Saturday, accompanied by rain and strong winds in the night.

On Saturday, the showers could be accompanied by thunder and gusts could reach “80 at 90 km/h on the coast of Brittany and 100 km/h near the Channel coast,” said Michel Aïdonidis, head of centre of Meteo France in Brest, who adds:

“Large waves are expected at the end of the night, especially due to high tidal coefficients of 92 and 90.”

The head of a precise center yellow alert for wave-submersion should be in effect Saturday morning.

“Saturday should be waves of 8 to 9m off the Finistere and of Cornwall and 7 to 8 meters off the Hague.”

On Wednesday, the  website Weather Bretagne planned for Saturday strong waves of up to 10m in height.

Call for caution

The forecaster Meteo France however reassures:

“There is nothing exceptional, it is far storms of 2013 or 2014, but it must still take this seriously and invite fishermen on foot and boaters great caution.”

A call for caution shared by the prefect of Finistere Pascal Lelarge, and the prefecture of the Channel, which provide a number of tips.

Winds: safety recommendations

Limit your movement.

  • Limit your speed in highway driving, especially if you drive or hitch sensitive to the effects of wind
  • Do not walk in the forest and along the coast.
  • Be alert to possible falling branches or of other products.
  • Do not work on roofs and touch any electrical son fell to the ground.
  • Cranes must be released for free rotation.
  • Store or secure sensitive objects the effects of wind or susceptible to damage.

Waves flooding: safety recommendations

  • Whenever possible, do not walk by the sea and avoid the nearby beaches or shores where unfurl rolls.
  • Protect watercraft.
  • Inhabitants of the sea, protect your possessions against the rising waters.

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