Police unions response to the riots in France over the death of Nahel

Death of Nahel: The Left Denounces the “Threat of Sedition” Contained in a Statement from Police Unions

THE WEIGHT OF WORDS: Alliance, majority union of peacekeepers, and Unsa police say they are “at war” and want to “restore republican order” in the face of “savage hordes” A press release that comes to blow on the embers? Several left-wing leaders, including Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Tondelier, denounced a press release from the police unions Alliance and Unsa police on […]

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Emmanuel Macron has vowed to continue the reform of the SNCF

Emmanuel Macron Continues with the Reform of the SNCF

While the strike at the SNCF must end on Thursday night, Emmanuel Macron has vowed to continue the law of rail reform. Emmanuel Macron vowed to continue on Wednesday 27th June, 2018 the law reforming the SNCF , despite multiple days of strike and “legitimate concerns” which must continue to respond, according to the head of state. “This […]

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An SNCF employee at the Saint-Lazare station in Paris, April 29, 2018. (© AFP / Ar

Strike at the SNCF: Traffic Less Disturbed this Friday, with 9 TGV in 10 and 3 TER out of 5

SNCF traffic, hit by the strike on Friday, will be less disturbed than during previous mobilization days with 9 TGV out of ten, three TER out of five and two Transilien out of 3. SNCF traffic, hit by the strike on Friday, will be less disturbed than on previous mobilization days with nine TGV out of ten, […]

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Railway members of the Unsa during a demonstration against the railway reform of the SNCF

SNCF: Unsa Will Leave the Strike Movement, There Will be No United Strike in July

The end for the united strike at the SNCF: Unsa decided on Tuesday, 19th June to leave the strike movement after the 28th June, leaving the unions CGT and SUD isolated. The end of the united union strike action at the SNCF.  Unsa decided on Tuesday 19th June, 2018 to leave the movement after June 28th, refusing to […]

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Here are the traffic forecasts for the fourth strike at the SNCF on Thursday

Fourth Strike at the SNCF: Traffic Forecasts for this Thursday

This Thursday 19th April, the unions call again to strike at the SNCF. Traffic will be very disrupted, with one TGV out of three, and two TER and Transiliens out of five. The traffic is still disrupted at SNCF on Thursday, the second day of the 4th strike sequence against the rail reform, with one TGV in three […]

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Ile-de-France will see disrupted public transport in Paris

Île-de-France: CGT-RATP Calls for Strike Action on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th April

Paris public transport will be disrupted Thursday 19 and Friday 20 April following the call to strike CGT-RATP The CGT-RATP has filed a strike notice from Wednesday 18th April, 2018 at 10pm to Saturday 21st April, 2018 at 7am. “We call on all RATP agents to mobilise on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th April 2018 and to […]

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SNCF: The Traffic Still Disrupted on Saturday, the Unions Want "Deep Negotiations" 1

SNCF: The Traffic Still Disrupted on Saturday, the Unions Want “Deep Negotiations”

After the third episode of the railway workers’ strike, which began Friday (April 13th), SNCF traffic remains disrupted on Saturday. Update on traffic conditions The railway traffic will remain disrupted Saturday , but Friday a lesser extent for the third episode of the strike at the SNCF, continuing unions to request the opening of “extensive negotiations” against an inflexible […]

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The third episode of strike since early April to influence the railway reform under consideration in the National Assembly, starts Thursday at 8pm

Strike at the SNCF: Traffic Forecasts for the 3rd Episode

This Friday, on the occasion of the third episode of strike at the SNCF, a TGV and a TER out of three circulate, and two Transilien Intercités out of five. The traffic is announced a little less disturbed Friday for the beginning of the third episode of the dotted strike at the SNCF.  But the unions maintain the […]

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Train traffic will be very disrupted

Strike at the SNCF: “Very Few Trains” will Run After 7pm Monday

The SNCF advises travellers to give up the train after 7pm, Monday 2nd April, because of the strike. 36 days of disturbances are expected until the end of June. The SNCF has advised Friday travelers to forgo taking the train from 19h Monday.  Time to start a strike that “will disturb much” traffic, according to group boss Guillaume Pepy. “The strike will […]

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Postal workers in Fléac in Charente went on strike yesterday to protest against their working conditions and the use of outsourcing

Charente: Postal Workers Deliver Their Strike Action Before Christmas

Strike Action before Christmas, the postal workers denounce their working conditions and the use of outsourcing … “This is an indefinite strike. We demand decent working conditions.”  A dozen postmen at Fléac, near Angoulême, in the Charente region, began a strike yesterday at dawn.  All are working to “package” the unique service disrupted by this […]

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