Death of Nahel: The Left Denounces the “Threat of Sedition” Contained in a Statement from Police Unions

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Police unions response to the riots in France over the death of Nahel

THE WEIGHT OF WORDS: Alliance, majority union of peacekeepers, and Unsa police say they are “at war” and want to “restore republican order” in the face of “savage hordes”

A press release that comes to blow on the embers? Several left-wing leaders, including Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Marine Tondelier, denounced a press release from the police unions Alliance and Unsa police on Friday, which they said is a “threat of sedition” and a “call for civil war”.

Claiming to be “at war”, Alliance, the majority union of peacekeepers, and Unsa police call in this press release for a “combat” against the “harmful” and the “wild hordes”, who take part in the night riots after the death of the young Nahel. They warn: “Tomorrow we will be in resistance and the government will have to be aware of it”.

“A call for civil war”

“The ‘trade unions’ who call for civil war must learn to be silent. We have seen the murderous behaviour that this kind of remark leads to, ”tweeted Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The former LFI presidential candidate called on the “political power” to “take the police back in hand”, and concluded: “Those who want calm do not throw oil on the fire”.

For his part, the rebellious MP François Ruffin protested: “Police unions say they are ”at war”, and are preparing ”resistance”, including against the government”. Deputy Ugo Bernalicis, on behalf of the LFI group, seized the Paris public prosecutor under article 40, in a letter that AFP was able to consult. According to him, the remarks constitute a sanction provided for by an article of the Penal Code against “the fact of provoking to arm oneself against the authority of the State or against a part of the population”.

“Now it’s good, can we say that there is a structural problem in the police? This text is a call for civil war”, criticized the national secretary of EELV Marine Tondelier.

“The press release from the Alliance police union is a threat of sedition,” said Green MP Sandrine Rousseau. His rebellious colleague Nadège Abomangoli regretted: “Far from any appeasement, (the press release) opts for the lexical field of war, animalizes suburban citizens and threatens the government with reprisals. The rebels don’t even hide anymore.

“Do not lay down arms”

“What is most important is the beginning of the press release, where we say that we must be on the ground given the situation and not lay down our arms”, explains AFP Thierry Clair, of the ‘Unsa Font.

A standard letter of “return of the administrative weapon”, ready to sign, has been circulating since Thursday between certain police officers, who believe that they do not benefit from sufficient legal protection in the event of opening fire. “When we say that we will enter into resistance, it is to say that we will then fight for better legal protection for the police,” he added, denying any desire for sedition.

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