Amazon can only deliver essential items only

No More Books and Appliances, Amazon can only Deliver Essentials

Tuesday 14th April 2020, the court of Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine) condemned Amazon for not having respected the sanitary measures in its warehouses to face the coronavirus. Victory (partial) for Amazon employees. Brought to justice because of the opening of its warehouses in France without respecting the sanitary measures imposed against the coronavirus, the online commerce giant was condemned Tuesday 14th April […]

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CGT announce a National Demonstration of SNCF railway workers

SNCF: CGT Announces a “National Demonstration” of Railway Workers on 22nd March

Philippe Martinez, leader of the CGT, announced this Friday morning a national demonstration, with a probable strike for SNCF railway workers on the 22nd March to defend their status. Philippe Martinez, leader of the CGT, announced Friday a “national demonstration” of railway workers on March 22 , to defend their “status”, questioned by a report sent Thursday to the […]

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Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT will be in Laval on Wednesday

The boss of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, in Laval Wednesday 13/09

The general secretary of the Confédération générale du travail  (CGT), Philippe Martinez, will participate in the General Meeting of CGT unions at departmental headquarters in Laval, Wednesday, September 13, 2017. This will be the first time that Philippe Martinez went to Mayenne, as secretary general of the CGT. Wednesday, 13th September, he will participate in the […]

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The activists of the CGT gathered outside the power plant Cordemais, on Thursday March 24th

CGT Activists at the Cordemais Power Plant

The departmental CGT union organizes its 59th congress in Cordemais, north of Nantes, until tomorrow, Friday 24th March. On Thursday, they called the militants to come together in front of the EDF Cordemais plant whose future is uncertain. The departmental CGT union organizes its 59th congress until tomorrow, Friday 24th March, at Cordemais, north of […]

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Philippe Martinez promises mobilizations if the right wins in 2017.

Philippe Martinez Promises Mobilizations if the Right Wins in 2017

The winner of the primary for the Republicans is not yet known, but Philippe Martinez, leader of the CGT Union, warned Sunday that “the mobilization will be news” if the right wins in 2017 Philippe Martinez, leader of the CGT unions warned on Sunday that “the mobilization will be the news” if the right wins […]

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The refinery at Donges has been blocked causing a panic on Fuel

Blocked Refinery: Will We Run Out of Gas in Loire-Atlantique ?

Donges, the second refinery of France, the Total group, is blocked Thursday morning, at the call of the CGT. What impact on the supply of petrol stations? The second refinery in France, the Total group, was blocked for 24 hours between 5 am Tuesday, and Wednesday 5 pm. Thursday morning as part of a new […]

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