Tesla: Employees Complain of Being Constantly Monitored and Treated “Like Robots”

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Tesla: Employees complain of being constantly monitored and treated "like robots"

CLAIMS: Some employees working in Boston threaten to form a union if Tesla does not loosen its surveillance

Soon a union within Tesla? It would be a first. But it is in any case the threat brandished by some of the employees of the offices of the city of Buffalo ( United States ), according to information from  Bloomberg relayed by our colleagues from BFM Tech. The employees in question complain of being constantly monitored by the company managed by Elon Musk.

All day long, their main mission is to identify objects on video recordings of Tesla vehicles in order to correct any errors in the interpretation of the autopilot software. An activity closely watched by the car manufacturer, according to testimonies collected by the American media.

According to the employees, Tesla would not hesitate to record the activity of their computer keyboards. If this practice allows certain companies to measure the productivity of their employees in telework in particular, of Tesla does not want it. Also, to keep up, some employees say they don’t even take the time to go to the bathroom anymore. “People are sick of being treated like robots,” one told Bloomberg. Contacted our American colleagues, but the company did not comment.

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