Will France keep the time change system? It could be abandoned by the European Union by 2021

For or Against the Time Change? You Have until Sunday to Vote

The consultation organised by the National Assembly on the change of time ends on Sunday 3rd March, at midnight. It will determine the end or not of this system There is still little time to participate in the consultation organized by the National Assembly on the end of the change of time. The European Affairs Committee of […]

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The European Parliament passed a resolution in favor of the abandonment of the time change.

European Parliament: Towards the End of the Summer Time

The European Parliament voted on Thursday in favour of abandoning the biannual time change in the European Union. A first step towards the end of summer time in France. As are we finished with “one or advance one back one hour”? The European Parliament has adopted a resolution this Thursday 8th February, 2018, to halt the biannual time change in the European […]

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