For or Against the Time Change? You Have until Sunday to Vote

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Will France keep the time change system? It could be abandoned by the European Union by 2021

The consultation organised by the National Assembly on the change of time ends on Sunday 3rd March, at midnight. It will determine the end or not of this system

There is still little time to participate in the consultation organized by the National Assembly on the end of the change of time.

The European Affairs Committee of the Assembly launched on February 4th a consultation in the form of an online questionnaire , which will end this Sunday, March 3, 2019 at midnight.

Vote leans to keep daylight saving time

Of the 670,000 responses collected according to a countdown stopped Thursday , 55% of French people are in favour of maintaining all year in summer time.

Note that on February 18th, the trend was a narrow majority for winter time, the Commission said.

Europeans for the suppression of the change of time

In a consultation launched by the European Commission in the summer of 2018, 56% of voters in European countries, including France at 52%, were in favour of keeping daylight saving time against 36% for the time of day. winter.

The inhabitants of Portugal, Cyprus and Poland had a preference for summer time, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands for the winter time. .

Moreover, more than 80% of those consulted would favour the end of the time change.

Towards late retirement by 2021?

According to the French government , “the European transport ministers, meeting on 3rd December 2018, considered the date of 2021 to abandon this system”.

“At the end of a coordination action, each Member State will then have to decide on its legal time and decide whether or not to opt for permanent summer time or permanent winter time.”

In France, “the answers will be analysed and presented to the Commission and then transmitted to the European institutions”.

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