Orange Alert for Thunderstorms: Four Departments of the South-West on Alert

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Orange alert for thunderstorms in the South-West France

WEATHER FORECAST: Landes, Gers, Pyrénées-Atlantiques and Hautes-Pyrénées, where gusts of wind and hailstorms are expected, have been affected since early this morning

The weather this Saturday will be disrupted by thunderstorms over much of the western half of the country, with four departments in the South West on orange alert due to this stormy activity, according to Météo-France. Landes, Gers, Pyrénées – Atlantiques and Hautes-Pyrénées, where gusts of wind and hailstorms are expected, have been affected since early this morning.

As for temperatures, the minimums will generally be between 11 and 18 degrees, between 18 and 21 on the shores of the Mediterranean. At the best of the afternoon, the thermometer will show 18 to 22 degrees on the Channel coasts, 29 to 32 everywhere else with peaks at 34 in Carcassonne, and 35 in Nîmes.

An unstable time

Elsewhere, the Alps, the Paca region and Corsica will benefit from fairly generous sunshine, cumulus clouds will form at midday and will eventually give some showers on the relief in the afternoon. On the side of the Gulf of Morbihan and the Basque Country, the low clouds present at daybreak will dissipate quickly. The sky will then be veiled with high clouds over the entire territory.

In the second part of the afternoon, a degradation coming from Spain will cross the west of the Pyrenees, it will give frequent stormy showers on Béarn and Gascony which will win in the evening the whole of the Aquitaine region, Poitou -Charentes, accompanied in places by hail, gusts of wind up to 80 km/h, and good accumulations of precipitation. This unstable deterioration will spread during the following night over a good western half of the country. On the Aquitaine coast, the southerly wind will increase to 80 to 90 km/h.

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