Theresa May meets Emmanuel Macron to negotiate a postponement of Brexit

Brexit: Theresa May Meets Emmanuel Macron Tuesday Night in Paris

To plead a new postponement of Brexit, the British prime minister meets the French president on Tuesday, after Angela Merkel in Berlin and before a summit in Brussels. The week promises to be decisive for Theresa May and the Brexit issue . The British Prime Minister travels to Berlin and Paris on Tuesday 9 April 2019 on the eve of a European summit where […]

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Cross party Brexit talks are to resume tonight

Jeremy Corbyn says “There’s no new Brexit Deal yet Because Theresa May won’t Compromise”

Cross-party talks between Labour and the Government resumed on Monday night after days of little to no progress on Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn blamed Theresa May for the two sides failing to come up with a new Brexit deal yet because she won’t give up her ‘red lines’. Meanwhile Tories have confirmed they are already preparing […]

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A second referendum is the most likely of Brexit talks

Second Referendum is “Most Likely Outcome of Brexit Talks”

BREXIT: A second referendum is the most likely outcome if an agreement on Brexit can’t be reached … If Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn can’t reach an agreement on Brexit, a second referendum is said to be the most likely outcome. Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald suggested that the two were unlikely to find a […]

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British passports with and without the mention "European Community", in London on December 22, 2017.

New British Passports No Longer Mention the European Union

A symbolic change that illustrates the difficulties of the Brexit process, new passports have been issued by the British authorities. The United Kingdom has begun issuing passports without the mention of “European Union”, a symbolic change that illustrates the difficulties of the Brexit process . “Burgundy (coloured) passports that do not have the words European Union on the cover were […]

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Theresa May to ask for a delay of Brexit till 30th June

Brexit: Theresa May Requests a Postponement to 30th June, Donald Tusk Suggests up to a Year

A few days before an extraordinary summit in Brussels, the British Prime Minister has requested a postponement of Brexit on 30th June to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk. The British Prime Minister Theresa May asked a Brexit postponed until 30 June 2019, in a letter sent Friday, April 5th at the European Council President Donald Tusk , who for […]

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UK Parliament rejects Brexit alternatives, making 'No Deal' almost inevitable

Brexit: Parliament Rejects Alternatives, an Exit Without Agreement “Almost Inevitable”

UNITED KINGDOM: According to the Brexit requirement of the European Parliament, “Wednesday is the last chance” to break the stalemate The United Kingdom on the brink. An exit from the EU “without agreement” Brexit became “almost inevitable,” said Tuesday the Brexit referent of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, on Twitter, just after the votes of British MPs . “On Wednesday, this is […]

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Labour to back common market 2.0 on latest Brexit votes

Labour to Back Common Market 2.0 in Brexit Votes Tonight

BREXIT: Labour is to support the Common Market 2.0 option tonight in the Brexit indicative votes Labour is to support the common market 2.0 option, which will give a so-called ‘Norway Plus’ option for Brexit in tonight’s indicative votes. MPs will be whipped to vote in favour of Common Market 2.0 option during indicative votes […]

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What are the Brexit indicative votes that MPs will vote on again today

Brexit: What are the Indicative votes MPs will Vote on (again) Today?

BREXIT:  Once again the politicians in the United Kingdom will take control of Parliament today, for another series of indicative votes on Brexit Politicians of the UK Parliament will once again take over control of Parliament again today to vote on alternatives to Theresa May’s Brexit deal. They may have rejected all eight alternatives when […]

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Theresa May to resign if Brexit deal is passed

Brexit: Theresa May will Resign … If the Agreement Negotiated with the European Union is Delivered

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday told her Conservative MPs that she will resign before the next round of Brexit talks, according to a news release. “There is the desire for a new approach, a new leadership” for the next phase of the Brexit negotiations which will determine the future relationship of the United Kingdom […]

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