New British Passports No Longer Mention the European Union

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British passports with and without the mention "European Community", in London on December 22, 2017.

A symbolic change that illustrates the difficulties of the Brexit process, new passports have been issued by the British authorities.

The United Kingdom has begun issuing passports without the mention of “European Union”, a symbolic change that illustrates the difficulties of the Brexit process .

“Burgundy (coloured) passports that do not have the words European Union on the cover were put into circulation on March 30th,” a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

She pointed out that passports with the EU designation “will continue to be issued for a short period after this date” in order to “dispose of the stocks”. The presence or absence of the endorsement does not affect the ability of the passport holder to travel.

“Red lines”

The UK was originally scheduled to leave the EU on March 29, exactly two years after activating Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

But in March, Theresa May’s government called for a postponement of that date to avoid the potential chaos of an exit without an agreement, which would have ended overnight, without a transitional period, to 46 years of membership in the United States. EU.

While the date is now set for April 12th, Theresa May has called Friday a new postponement, until June 30th, to try to find by then a divorce agreement acceptable to the British Parliament, which has so far rejected all scenarios.

In order to reach a cross-party solution, the government extended Saturday the exchanges that began three days earlier with the opposition.

The Labour Party criticised the government’s attitude, believing that the government was not ready to come up with a compromise or change its position in these dealings.

“I have not noticed a big change in the government’s position so far,” Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn told Plymouth on Saturday. “I’m waiting to see the red lines move”.

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