Free Swimming in Nantes for girls aged up to 25 years old till Thursday

Nantes: Until Thursday evening, free swimming for girls aged 8 to 25 years

As part of Operation “Sportez bien les filles !”, Many sports events in Nantes are free … Women’s sport is honoured at Nantes during the holidays. The city of Nantes is organizing the “Sportez bien les filles” operation, from Tuesday until Thursday night.Three days of organized sport in female with sports associations in different parts […]

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Florent Manaudou wins a place at the olympics after qualifying at the 50 metres

Swimming Championships France: Florent Manaudou Smashes 50 metres

And the best performance of the year in the process … After the disappointment last Friday, when Florent Manaudou ended up finishing third in the 100 metres final of the French swimming championships, thus not qualifying for Rio in the 100 metres.  He made sure that on Sunday, in Montpellier at the swimming championships that […]

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Florent Manaudou finished third in the National Championships, losing a chance to the Olmpic Games for the 100 metres swimming

Olympics 2016: Sensation! Florent Manaudou will not see Rio at 100m

Swimming : He was beaten by Stravius et Mignon… The Olympic champion, has not passed the championships of France. A favourite in the 100 metres, Florent Manaudou finished third in the final, beaten by Jeremy Stravius ​​and Clement Mignon, who have both now qualified for the Olympic Games this year in Rio.  His time of 48’10 was […]

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At 3pm, swimmers will take to the sea at Saint-Gilles

At 3 pm, it will be time to take the plunge at Saint-Gilles

It’s almost time to meet the first challenge of the year 2016: to offer a swim on the 1st January at Saint Gilles, at 3pm. To celebrate the new year 2016, the 4-20-5 brand, SGXV shop and the municipality of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie launched the challenge to all vendee Vendee and to swim in the Atlantic Ocean. […]

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Family fun activities in and around Chateaubriant

Go out around Chateaubriant on 26th and 27th December

Skating rink and exhibitions in Chateaubriant, musical entertainment in Saint-Aubin … Here are ideas to entertain your family Saturday 26 and Sunday, December 27, 2015. Ice Skating Rink This intercommunal structure, located behind the town hall of Chateaubriant for the tenth consecutive year, is open daily until January 17. Prices: € 4 for adults, € […]

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Laure Manaudou will swim with sharks for charity

Laure Manaudou. For a Good Cause, She will Brave her fear of Sharks

Former Olympic swimming champion will participate on Saturday in an Aquathlon in a lagoon of Tahiti. Paradise? Not sure. Manaudou will have to overcome her fear of sharks. Laure Manaudou will brave Saturday in the lagoon of Tahiti’s “fear of sharks’ by participating in an Aquathlon intended to raise funds to improve hospital conditions for […]

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Angers to host Swimming Championship

Swimming. Angers will Host the Championships in France in November

For the fourth time, Angers will host the championships of France Elite Short Course (25m).These will take place from November 19 to 22. The expertise of Angers swimming pool will again be in the spotlight in November.  After 2008, 2011 and 2012, the Jean-Bouin pool will once again welcome the championships of France Elite Short […]

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