Supermarkets in Strasbourg will have to close on Sunday

Strasbourg: Supermarkets will Close on Sundays

Supermarkets in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) with food of more than 120 m² will have to close on Sundays. This follows the decision of the Administrative Court of Nancy. A few days ago, we announced that the Fnac station Metz (Moselle) was closed on Sunday because of a decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) applied Thursday 19th July 2018. From 1,000 […]

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Flood risks in Paris and 25 other departments in France

Flood Risks. Paris and 25 other Departments on Orange Alert

Heavy rains in recent days have caused rising rivers, causing flood risks in many French departments. On Tuesday evening, 26 of them were placed on orange alert by Meteo France. In Paris, a crisis cell was convened by the mayor and residents are advised to avoid the Seine. The levels of the Seine and the Rhine continued to rise […]

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Eleanor sorm causes one seriously injured, trains stopped traffic and disrupted airports in Alsace

Alsace: Eleanor Storm Causes One Seriously Injured, Disrupted Trains and Airports

In Alsace, the power of Eleanor storm caused major disruptions. TER traffic is stopped since this morning and the two airports in the region are disturbed. The Eleanor storm sweeps the Upper Rhine and the Lower Rhine since Wednesday, January 3, 2018 in the morning, causing major disruptions. The Alsace region, such as Lorraine,  is on orange alert for strong winds, according to Meteo France. […]

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Hunting Watch Towers in the Haut-Rhin are being Sabotaged

Haut-Rhin: Sabotage of Hunting Watchtowers Multiply

ANTI-HUNTING: Hunters are tired of seeing their destroyed towers one after the other … Who likes to sabotage the watchtowers hunters Sundgau? The president of the federation of hunters of the Upper Rhine , Gilles Kaszuk, is raised and expressed his anger at France 3 . Bars of sawn ladders, fallen towers, everything goes. A motorcyclist was sighted near structures, but no […]

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The Strasbourg Christmas market opens on Friday under high security

Strasbourg Opens on Friday a “Christmas market XXL” under High Security

The Christmas market in Strasbourg, after two editions tightened because of the terrorist threat, opens Friday in a “Version XXL” … The Strasbourg Christmas market opens this Friday in a “Version XXL” extended by one week and more extensive, but still under surveillance. Two million visitors of all nationalities are expected in the Alsatian capital for this […]

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Strasbourg on Tuesday will have many disturbances due to strike action

Strasbourg: Tram, Train, Canteen, Highway … that’s what to Expect with the Strike on Tuesday

DISTURBANCES: Alongside the demonstration against the orders reforming the labour law set for 2pm, disruptions are expected in transport and canteens in Strasbourg on Tuesday … Throughout France, the call of the CGT, protests are planned against the orders reforming the labour law  filed this summer. Meanwhile, the strike will affect a number of public services, such […]

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Strasbourg: Yes, there is still Time to Find a Summer Job, and we Tell You How 1

Strasbourg: Yes, there is still Time to Find a Summer Job, and we Tell You How

With the arrival of summer vacation in less than two months, all the summer jobs in Strasbourg are still not filled With the summer holidays coming looming, for many, looking for summer jobs. A counselor from the Pole Emploi in Strasbourg guides readers of “chb44” to maximize your chances. The holidays are coming. That’s the good news. But […]

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30 departments in France have been placed on Orange Alert for snow and Ice

Snow and Ice: Thirty Departments Placed in Orange Alert in Northern France

WEATHER: The risk of freezing rain must first strike the North and the Pas-de-Calais, Picardy and Normandy early on Saturday morning, before gradually win the Ile-de-France and Champagne … A cold wave moves across France. Normal, it is winter. Thirty departments of the northern half of France are on orange weather alert this Saturday morning, due […]

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First exit for the three Siberian tiger cubs from the den at the zoo in Besancon

First Exit for Rare Siberian Tiger Cubs at Besançon Zoo

ANIMALS: Three rare small Siberian tiger cubs, highly endangered, have made their first steps outside their den … Baikal, Sayan and sister Taiga went out of their lair on Monday. These three baby Siberian tiger cubs, a very rare threatened species, were seen for the first time at the zoo of Besancon , where they were born […]

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