Strasbourg: Supermarkets will Close on Sundays

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Supermarkets in Strasbourg will have to close on Sunday

Supermarkets in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) with food of more than 120 m² will have to close on Sundays. This follows the decision of the Administrative Court of Nancy.

A few days ago, we announced that the Fnac station Metz (Moselle) was closed on Sunday because of a decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle) applied Thursday 19th July 2018.

From 1,000 to 120 m²

The Latest News of Alsace reveal in turn that the decision taken by the Administrative Court will also concern food-based businesses with an area of ​​up to 120 m² in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) .

All supermarkets in the city will close on Sunday. Only grocery stores will be allowed to open.

Previously, the thresholds were 400 m² for the department of Bas-Rhin and 1000 m² in Strasbourg . This jurisdiction therefore cancels the measures taken by a prefectural decree.

This is a victory for the unions defending the right to Sunday rest but a snub for the local authorities, who had the power to authorize or not the opening of shops on Sunday.

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