Fires in Canada: are the fumes present in France toxic?

Fires in Canada: Are the Fumes Present in France Toxic?

The cloud of smoke loaded with fine particles, which arrived this Monday 26th June in France, would circulate too high in the atmosphere to affect air quality. Satellite images have been making the rounds on social media since this weekend. The smoke from the gigantic fires affecting Canada has been arriving in France  since Monday 26th June 2023. These […]

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Smoke from Forest fires in Canada arrive in France

Smoke from Canada’s Mega-Fires Arrives in France: Here’s What to Expect

The boreal forest has been burning since the beginning of June in Quebec. The significant smoke released reached France this Monday 26th June 2023. France in the fog? After having embalmed New York and part of the United States, the smoke from the Canadian mega-fires is now reaching France. Since 2nd June 2023, Canada, and especially Quebec, has been burning. Hectares of […]

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Fumes from the fires in Canada are reaching Marseille

Fires in Canada: The Fumes Arrive in Marseille, What will Happen

The fires in Canada have resulted in the movement of a cloud of smoke towards Europe. What will happen in Marseille? The fumes caused by the huge fires in Canada will affect Europe this Monday 26 th June 2023. Marseille and the Bouches-du-Rhône are concerned. Here is what will happen. The South will be affected A cloud pushed by a westerly […]

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Fires in Canada are suffocating Montreal

Fires in Canada: Montreal Suffocates Under the Smoke

470 forest fires are still active in Canada. On Sunday 25th June 2023, the air quality was rated as the worst in the world. Hundreds of firefighters arrive as reinforcements Acrid smoke covered Montreal on Sunday with a veil due to the still active forest fires in Canada, making the city the most polluted air in the world, according to a […]

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