Fires in Canada: The Fumes Arrive in Marseille, What will Happen

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Fumes from the fires in Canada are reaching Marseille

The fires in Canada have resulted in the movement of a cloud of smoke towards Europe. What will happen in Marseille?

The fumes caused by the huge fires in Canada will affect Europe this Monday 26 th June 2023.

Marseille and the Bouches-du-Rhône are concerned. Here is what will happen.

The South will be affected

A cloud pushed by a westerly wind will scatter over France and risk veiling the sky of Marseilles for the next few days. Obviously, nothing comparable with what has affected New York in recent hours.

For Marseille newsPaul Marquis, weather specialist, specifies: “These fumes will affect the western facade and the centre of France today. The Southeast will be affected but to a lesser extent.

“The consequences will be that the sky will be tinted, especially at sunset. The air will be slightly polluted, which is already polluted by ozone, because of the heat.”

Paul Marquis – Weather specialist

A Saharan sky

What unpleasant consequences? According to Paul Marquis, it will be mostly visual. From there to imagine the sky of Provence tinted by the smoke of fire. “It’s possible,” explains Paul Marquis. “We are not sure.

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