Sisters leave convent after "deep disagreements"

Mayenne: Thirty Nuns Leave their Convent after “Deep Disagreements”

RELIGION: The convent of the Little Sisters of Mary in Saint-Aignan-sur-Roë (Mayenne) has lost most of its members because of a disagreement with their authority The diocese of Laval announced Tuesday the departure of 29 of the 35 sisters of their congregation, the Little Sisters of Mary, a rare fact linked to “deep disagreements” between the […]

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In a frontal collision, two vehicles collided Tuesday morning on the main road D11 in Congrier.

Congrier: A Driver of 23 Years Killed in an Accident

This Tuesday 28th November, 2017, at 8.45 am, on the D11 at Congrier, a frontal collision between two vehicles caused the death of a young man of 23 years. Three other people were injured slightly. Around 8.45am this Tuesday 28th November, 2017, two vehicles collided on the round between Pouancé and Saint-Aignan-sur-Roe (D11), just by Congrier, […]

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The programme for the Fete de la Musique in Congrier has been announced

Congrier: The Programme of the Fete de la Musique

The cultural and commercial animation committee of Congrier has met to fix the program of the Fete de la Musique which will take place Saturday 24th June, from 7pm. The program starts with the sax Quartet, Saxez l’Air which offers burlesque and explosive wandering in drawing inspiration from the roots of jazz. Not quite a fanfare and […]

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The fair at Renaz~ is in full swing this weekend

Renazé: The Fair is in Full Swing this Weekend

This Saturday 20 May, the agricultural show was held simultaneously with the fair, in Renazé. The public has responded to admire the many animals in suitable breeding competition. For the second consecutive year, the agricultural fair is held at the same time as the fair. In all, fourteen farmers ‘ come from all the former township of Saint-Aignan, […]

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The accident occurred on the road between Saint Aignan-sur-Roe and The Rouaudière

Saint Aignan-sur-Roe: Two Minors Injured in an Accident

Two girls aged 17 were injured in an accident in Saint Aignan-sur-Roe, on Saturday 13th May at 9.50pm. They were transported to the Château-Gontier hospital. Yesterday Saturday 13th May  at 9.50pm, a car traveling in Saint Aignan-sur-Roe towards La Rouaudière crashed into a ditch. Two passengers, girls aged 17, were injured and transported to the hospital […]

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New exhibition and concert at Niafles

A New Exhibition and a Concert in Niafles in South-Mayenne

Benoît Morel, singer of Tordue, is also a talented cartoonist. His job is to find right now at Le Guidon, cultural place created by Hollerou couple in Niafles. Saturday 13th May, at 6 pm, aperitif concert of “Plan B”, to discover Benoit Morel musician with his cap. Free prices. The exhibition is on view until Wednesday 31st May […]

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Alcoholic from Saint Aignan-sur-Roe is Jailed

Saint Aignan-sur-Roe: The Alcoholic who Disturbed the Village Jailed

A man suffering from alcoholism harassed and disrupted an entire village. But nothing moved, despite calls from the mayor and the repeated interventions of the police who could not go further than it already was. Recognizing this, some of the exasperated population was ready to intervene itself. We mentioned earlier this year that rather unusual story that […]

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For 15 years Rémi Certenais with his wife Josiane, organizes the Christmas market at Saint-aignan-sur-roe

Saint-Aignan-sur-Roe: A Christmas Market of 600 m2 “from nothing”

For 15 years at Saint-Aignan-sur-Roe, Rémi and Josiane Certenais sell for three weekends during the period of Advent, decorations, garlands and stuffed reindeer. From the entrance gate of the JC Deco in Saint-Aignan-sur-Roe (South Mayenne), one is in the theme of Christmas.   There is a magic tree where one can “file a letter to […]

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