Saint Aignan-sur-Roe: The Alcoholic who Disturbed the Village Jailed

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Alcoholic from Saint Aignan-sur-Roe is Jailed

A man suffering from alcoholism harassed and disrupted an entire village. But nothing moved, despite calls from the mayor and the repeated interventions of the police who could not go further than it already was. Recognizing this, some of the exasperated population was ready to intervene itself.

We mentioned earlier this year that rather unusual story that could make us smile when we did not see her, but that was becoming unbearable for the population of Saint Aignan-sur-Roe.

A former dentist from Brittany 58 years, having a big fondness for alcohol, never ceased to annoy the population. He posted himself drunk in the streets, ringing in people, was barking their dogs (night included), pretended to cross when a car passed, insulting passers and business customers, put loud music at night, harassing her neighbor disabled, etc. Some feared it so much they did not want out.

The gendarmerie intervened constantly. Xavier Deméocq, the commander of the South Mayenne of the group had even told about “it reaches rare levels of alcoholism and what is more, with impressive regularity ?! “But as it paid its fines, so it was released … and then off again directly annoy people. The commander had already reported about this situation grotesque: “There is a” no man’s land between the criminal and medical. ”

Especially the commander regretted that it took time and mobilized his men to each intervention.
And there was! The former dentist was sentenced twenty times for drunkenness on public roads and noise, he had twelve convictions for drink driving or violent state.

The mayor Loïc Pène alerted various services and state of the situation strongly deteriorated since man began to annoy more children. Some parents were beginning to get annoying very quickly and the mayor explained that some planned to organize themselves to solve the problem …

It is also impossible to evict the resident who was a homeowner. As impossible to force him to heal himself.

Fortunately for all, things have changed since. A complaint was filed by a seriously ill and disabled resident that the individual was harassing. “It is regular and untimely. It is a constant presence, he enjoys photographing my daughters, it follows the street … He throws water from his window during our visit. The last time he threw us a dead bird. It even comes to fear for our animals, “she said at a hearing by the gendarmes.

The man also has trouble recognizing the facts of sexual assault on the daughter of his neighbor. He put his hand on her ass in a bar-tabac in July 2016. “It was more a friendly gesture,” he blurted.

Man gets 30 months in prison, six suspended, sentence to which is added a duty of care, a probation of three years and a ban on returning to Saint Aignan-sur-Roe.

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