Will the RSA reform be a new social bomb for the government?

Will the RSA Reform be a New Social Bomb for the Government?

SOCIAL SUPPORT: The government wants to condition the payment of the RSA to the achievement of 15 to 20 hours of activities per week Elisabeth Borne will meet, this Tuesday and Wednesday, the leaders of the five main unions at Matignon. They will discuss the reform of the RSA, which plans to condition the payment of […]

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RSA beneficiaries from several departments must now take integration procedures to continue to receive their allowance.

“Unacceptable to Point the Finger at so-called Assisted”… Three Territories are worried about the RSA under conditions

SOCIAL ASSISTANCE: The city of Lyon and the departments of Loire-Atlantique and Ille-et-Vilaine have signed a joint letter to denounce any “blackmail at the RSA  allowance” Emmanuel Macron has hinted that he would like to generalize an RSA “under conditions” obliging its beneficiaries to perform a certain number of hours of integration to receive their […]

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Associations denounce "contempt, arrogance, ego" of Emmanuel Macron on the beneficiaries of the RSA

Associations Denounce “Contempt, Arrogance, Ego” of Emmanuel Macron on the Beneficiaries of the RSA

REACTIONS: The Head of State estimated in his intervention on TF1 and France 2 on Wednesday that it was necessary to “go find” the beneficiaries of the RSA, help them “return to employment” and “empower them” Faced with widespread social discontent against his pension reform, Emmanuel Macron tried to clarify his position in an intervention on TF1 and […]

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Since the reform of the calculation of housing assistance and the arrival of new computer software at the CAF, anomalies have accumulated in the processing of applications for social benefits.

APL, RSA: Why Do Thousands of CAF Beneficiaries have Problems with their Aid?

Since the start of 2021, 120,000 to 180,000 CAF beneficiaries have been confronted with anomalies in the payment of their rights. At issue: the reform of housing assistance. Late payments, unpaid allowances, undue claims unjustifiably, blocked files … For several months, some  CAF beneficiaries have been tearing their hair out to collect their rights, in particular housing assistance .  “My […]

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The aid of 150 euros extended to the beneficiaries of the APL and to the scholarship holders

Poverty Plan: The Aid of 150 Euros Extended to the Beneficiaries of the APL and Bursary Holders

Faced with the discontent of associations, Jean Castex retropédale and announces that “400,000 young people” will benefit from this aid We know a little more about the help that the government will provide in the fight against poverty. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the aid of 150 euros unveiled this week for the most precarious people would […]

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More than 4 million households will benefit from emergency aid

Coronavirus: Nearly 4 Million French People will Benefit from Exceptional Aid

Emmanuel Macron had indicated the payment of financial aid to the most modest households, during his last televised address, Monday 13th April 2020. Something promised, something due. At the end of the Council of Ministers, which met this Wednesday 15th April 2020 at the end of the morning, the government announced the payment of exceptional aid for modest households, one […]

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Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the CAF is paying social benefits earlier in April

Coronavirus: Social Benefits Paid Two Days in Advance in April

EPIDEMIC: Due to the coronavirus, the CAF is paying social benefits earlier in April, which represents a cash advance of 5 billion euros for the State In order not to penalize beneficiaries who have to withdraw their money from banks, whose operation may be disrupted due to the coronavirus, the payment of social benefits by the CAF, […]

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Yellow Vests: A Deputy from Aveyron wants to Suspend the RSA for Convicted Protesters 1

Yellow Vests: A Deputy from Aveyron wants to Suspend the RSA for Convicted Protesters

Arnaud Viala, deputy LR of Aveyron, has tabled a bill to suspend the RSA payments for Vandals convicted in the margins of the demonstrations of yellow vests. After the vote of the law on Vandals, should it still harden the tone towards the condemned Vandals on the margin of the demonstrations of the yellow vests? For this […]

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The amount of the RSA will be increased in September

The RSA will Increase in September

SOCIAL AID: This will be the fifth exceptional increase of RSA since 2013 … As envisaged in the government’s plan to fight against poverty , the revenu de solidarité active (RSA) will increase in September, the government announced Tuesday the collective Alert (charitable associations) at a meeting at Matignon. The Social Affairs Minister Marisol Touraine announced […]

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The Prime de Noel will be paid this week

The Prime de Noel will be Paid this Week announced Marisol Touraine

Established by the Jospin government in 1998, the Prime de Noel is renewed this year to 2.5 million persons, announces Marisol Touraine … Established by the Jospin government in 1998, the Prime de Noel, which is normally announced at the beginning of December, is to be renewed this year to 2.5 million persons on modest or […]

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