Associations Denounce “Contempt, Arrogance, Ego” of Emmanuel Macron on the Beneficiaries of the RSA

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Associations denounce "contempt, arrogance, ego" of Emmanuel Macron on the beneficiaries of the RSA

REACTIONS: The Head of State estimated in his intervention on TF1 and France 2 on Wednesday that it was necessary to “go find” the beneficiaries of the RSA, help them “return to employment” and “empower them”

Faced with widespread social discontent against his pension reformEmmanuel Macron tried to clarify his position in an intervention on TF1 and France 2, this Wednesday. But his remarks on the beneficiaries of the RSA did not reassure the associations fighting against precariousness. According to the Head of State, the “feeling of injustice” of many workers comes from the fact that we are asking for “efforts [but that] there are people who never work [and who…] will have the minimum old age “. As a result, it is necessary to “go find” the beneficiaries of the RSA, help them “return to employment” and “empower them”, because some no longer work “sometimes for years or decades”, a he explained.

” The nerve “

The national movement of the unemployed and precarious (MNCP) saw in it “contempt, arrogance, ego”. For the Alerte collective, which brings together 34 associations fighting against poverty, “gathering and appeasing, this cannot be by opposing those who work and those who are excluded from employment! “. “We plead for a right to work but also for a dignified income for all”, added this collective on Twitter .

The president “attacks people with RSA and at least old age”, which amounts to conveying “always the same false ideas”, and castigated ATD Fourth World for his part. “Emmanuel Macron is explaining to us that the anger of the French, in fact, is due to those assisted by the RSA who will benefit from the minimum old age. #leculot,” tweeted Manuel Domergue, from the Abbé-Pierre Foundation“Designate the unemployed to popular condemnation until their retirement, what a miserable political calculation”, he added.

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