The movement against pension reform is now longer than the strikes of 1995. New rallies are expected on Saturday December 28.

Pension Reform: 23rd Day of Mobilisation Before Another Complicated Weekend

The movement against pension reform is now longer than the strikes of 1995. New rallies are expected on Saturday 28th December  Now longer than the strikes of 1995, the movement against pension reform is in its 23rd day, with determined unions and travellers preparing for another complicated weekend in transport. SNCF traffic remains “very disrupted” with an […]

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A person hit by a train near Caen, dies

Hit by a Train, a Person Dies near Caen

This Wednesday 22nd May, 2019, a person was struck by a train between Mondeville and Cagny near Caen (Calvados). The victim is dead. A person was hit by a train, near Grentheville between Mondeville and Cagny near Caen (Calvados) this Wednesday 22nd May, 2019. The victim died. The firemen of Calvados were called around 4pm in the town of Cagny, […]

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SNCF simplifies their discount cards

Young, Family, Senior, Week-End: SNCF Revamps its Discount Cards and their Prices

Finished the cards Young, Senior +, Weekend and Child + SNCF! Place on cards “Advantage”. With a drop in prices at the key. Explanations. “Simpler and cheaper”. This is the message sent by the SNCF which engages a vast overhaul of its discount cards Young, Senior +, Weekend and Child + . From May 9th, 2019 , these cards will now be called “Advantage”: […]

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57 percent of the French feel that the Strike at the SNCF is unjustified

Strike at the SNCF: 57% of French People Find the Movement “Unjustified”

According to a survey conducted on Friday, the French are mainly opposed to the strike at the SNCF and fear a complete blockage of the country. Nearly six in ten French (57%) find “unjustified” the strike movement renewed by the SNCF , in an Odoxa poll for Franceinfo and Le Figaro published Friday. They are 42% that find the movement “justified”. The people surveyed are […]

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SNCF is no longer taking bookings for the strike days in April

SNCF: No Longer Takes Bookings for Strike Days in April

TRANSPORT: SNCF invites travellers to postpone their trip … SNCF has said on said Tuesday that it has suspended the sale of tickets for all its TGV and Intercités on the twelve days of strikes planned in April, the travellers being asked to postpone their trip. “We have suspended bookings for strike days over the period from 3rd April […]

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Disturbances on the Paris-Caen-Cherbourg SNCF route in Normandy

Paris-Caen-Cherbourg: Disruptions this Weekend on SNCF Network

Due to the modernization of the network disturbances are expected this weekend on the SNCF Paris-Caen-Cherbourg. As part of its network modernization plan, SNCF network replaces station in referrals from Paris Saint-Lazare. Some interventions require disrupting rail traffic. Therefore, Saturday 2nd September, times of two trains will be modified on the Paris-Caen-Cherbourg. Train No. 3381 will […]

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Eurostar traffic halted due to power failure

Eurostar Traffic Halted in both directions after a Power Failure in the Tunnel

TRANSPORT: The company has “no idea” on the time of resumption of traffic … The users of the Eurostar will have to take their troubles patiently. Traffic train is stopped in both directions as a result of a power problem in the Channel Tunnel , operated by Eurotunnel, said Tuesday a spokesman for the Channel rail […]

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12000 passengers stranded after TGV accident

Fatal accident: 12,000 Stranded after TGV Accident

The TGV traffic between Marseille and Paris was disrupted in both directions for several hours Monday night because of an accident … A TGV from Marseille to Marne-la-Vallée, hit a person up to Tonnerre, in Yonne, at 7.30pm. The accident caused all high speed traffic to be completely stopped on the line. Twenty TGV trains, ten in […]

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