Young, Family, Senior, Week-End: SNCF Revamps its Discount Cards and their Prices

SNCF simplifies their discount cards

Finished the cards Young, Senior +, Weekend and Child + SNCF! Place on cards “Advantage”. With a drop in prices at the key. Explanations.

“Simpler and cheaper”. This is the message sent by the SNCF which engages a vast overhaul of its discount cards Young, Senior +, Weekend and Child + .

From May 9th, 2019 , these cards will now be called “Advantage”: Youth Advantage, Senior Advantage, Weekend Advantage and Family Advantage.

Particular signs: they will be available at the single rate of 49 euros for one year and each will entitle to a reduction of 30% for adults, even on Prem’s,  on the routes TGV InYes, Intercités and TER.

Family advantage: 60% discount for children

The Family Advantage Card will also guarantee a 60% discount for children aged 4 to 11 (up to three children).

Today, the card Enfant + coûte 75 euros par an et elle est moins avantageuse puisque l’enfant titulaire de la carte bénéficie de 50% sur les billets quand ses accompagnateurs (quatre maximum) ont le droit à des réductions de 50% (moins de 12 ans) et 25% (plus de 12 ans).

Good to know: the Family Advantage card is now attached to an adult, who can benefit from 30% even if he travels without children.

The Family Advantage card will be valid provided you make a round trip including a weekend day.

Young Advantage: for ages 12 to 27

Today, the youth card is 50 euros per year for 12 to 27 years and it entitles to 30% discount on tickets, 10% on Prem’s and 25% on the international.

The new Youth Advantage card will be  for the same age group, will cost one euro less and the cardholder will benefit from a 30% discount on tickets, even on Prem’s tickets (and 60% for children).

Senior Advantage: from 60 years

Soon completed the Senior + card! It cost 60 euros per year and allowed travel up to 40% on first class tickets, and 25% in second class, with 10% discount on Prem’s.

The Senior Advantage card is 49 euros, it will always benefit the over 60s and offer them 30% discount on all tickets.

Freedom card and “unified” tariffs
A new € 399 Freedom card will replace the current Frequence subscriptions. It will entitle to significant reductions on the TGV classic and Intercités throughout France.
SNCF also announces that it will only offer three fares (second, first and first business) in TGV (excluding Ouigo) and Intercités. There will be only one fare per train in each of these three classes; They will replace Prem’s, Leisure and Pro rates.

Weekend advantage: from 75 to 49 euros

Like the Family Advantage Card, the Weekend Advantage Card offers the most significant drop in the purchase since it goes from 75 euros to 49 euros.

It will be valid for the cardholder and a companion, provided you make a return trip including a weekend day. It will be entitled to 30% discount, including on Prem’s.

Not usable in OuiGo

These new offers reflect SNCF’s desire to lower the price of its tickets. Prices regularly criticised by customers.

Note: these new cards will not be usable in OuiGo .

The exchange of a ticket will remain free up to 30 days of departure, but it will then be charged 5 euros, then 15 euros the last two days – one more day than currently.

Prem’s become exchangeable and refundable – with reduced fees for cardholders.

The company hopes to sell four million of these Advantage cards.

And your old cards? 
If you have a valid discount card, you will receive a letter informing you of these changes.
You will then have the opportunity, from May 9, to buy the new cards and to make you refund the previous ones, in proportion to the remaining days of validity.
Old cards can be kept, along with any related benefits, until their expiration date.

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