US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania board Air Force One for the United Kingdom on June 2, 2019 at Andrews Base, Maryland.

Destabilized by Brexit, the United Kingdom welcomes Donald Trump with Great Fanfare

Barely arrived in London on Monday 3rd May, 2019 for a three-day state visit, the US president, DonaldTrump continued his shattering statements about British politics. Barely arrived on British soil, Donald Trump continues in the provocation. A few minutes before Air Force One landed, the Republican billionaire set the tone in a tweet by calling the […]

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In the face of Brexit, the Quenn calls for unity

In the Face of Brexit, Queen Elizabeth II Calls on the British to Get Along

In keeping with her duty of confidentiality, Queen Elizabeth II invited the British people to come to an understanding in a context of strong divisions around Brexit. In the face of divisions tearing her country apart, Queen Elizabeth II called on the British to agree and respect one another, while being careful not to reveal her feelings about […]

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Mary Austin, Ex-fiancee of Freddie Mercury to receive royalties

Freddie Mercury’s ex-Fiancee Mary Austin to receive £40m in Royalties from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

Freddie Mercury’s former fiancee could be set to receive £40 million in royalties from Bohemian Rhapsody following its box office success. Mary Austin was left 50% of Mercury’s future earnings when he died in 1991, with her share rising to 75% after the death of the Queen frontman’s parents. And after Bohemian Rhapsody made £580million […]

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