For the weather in Morbihan, the rains are back

Weather in Morbihan: The Rain is Back

After a nice weekend, the showers return to Morbihan this Monday 9th September 2019. They will be accompanied by gusts of wind near the coast. The clouds arrived on Sunday evening. For the weather in Morbihan, the rain will be there this Monday 9th September 2019 in Morbihan. According to Météo-Bretagne, first showers will arrive in the morning in the […]

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Some 500 yellow vests invested Lann-Sévelin in Lanester this Saturday around 11 am

Yellow Vests: Tensions at Lanester Roundabout

The Yellow Vests are at the rendezvous this Saturday 17th November 17, 2018 at the roundabout Lann-Sévelin Lanester. A third snail operation is under way from Faouet to Plouay, knowing that yellow vests are becoming more numerous. One of them was overthrown by a motorist. From 7 am this morning, the first yellow vests flocked to the […]

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The weather in and around Lorient will see the return of Summer conditions

Weather in Lorient: Back to Beautiful Summer Conditions

We will see the long awaited return of the beautiful summer conditions over the weekend in and around Lorient in Brittany. Saturday ephemeral mists at dawn before a light morning embellished high altitude sails, with a rapid increase in mercury. Sun generous, for high altitude sails and summer sensations midday. In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent […]

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Great weather this weekend in Lorient.

Weather in Lorient: Generous Sun and Lovely Summery Scent

FORECAST: It will be a beautiful sunny weekend in and around Lorient for the whole weekend … The high pressure which is getting stronger in the Azores France is accompanied by a rising hot air. Today Few mists at dawn before a beautiful morning under clear skies with rapidly rising temperatures. At midday, the summer sensation […]

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Beautiful summer weather is forecast for Lorient and the surrounding areas

Weather in Lorient: Beautiful Summer Weather

The anticyclone centered on France traces of warm air masses from the Sub-Saharan Africa.  This will create some beautiful summer weather in and around Lorient. Saturday Beautiful sunny morning with rapidly rising temperatures. A large sun and heat marked midday. In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent in Lorient, the coastal border and all of Morbihan, is accompanied […]

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Weather for the lorient Region this weekend

Weather in Lorient: Cloudy, Seasonal Temperature this Weekend

The anticyclone centered in the Azores to Switzerland generates about Brittany mild and variable oceanic flow, which will affect the weather in Lorient … Saturday Variable at dawn and cumulus clouds before a sunny morning. By late morning and mid-day sun, overlooking the coastline, composed with cumulus north of Lorient. In the afternoon, the rain, more […]

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