Weather in Lorient: Back to Beautiful Summer Conditions

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The weather in and around Lorient will see the return of Summer conditions

We will see the long awaited return of the beautiful summer conditions over the weekend in and around Lorient in Brittany.


ephemeral mists at dawn before a light morning embellished high altitude sails, with a rapid increase in mercury. Sun generous, for high altitude sails and summer sensations midday.

In the afternoon, the sun, omnipresent on the coastal edge of spite for high altitude sails, is accompanied by discrete white fair-weather cumulus north of Quéven-Hennebont Kervignac-axis.

Ideal conditions for the Grand Prix de Plouay with generous sunshine and pretty fair-weather cumulus.

low wind northeast with wind effect afternoon limited to the coastal border. Fort Blocked: beautiful sea. Min: 13 / 14 degrees; maximum: 24 / 25 degrees; (12 / 13 degrees to 26 / 27 degrees inland, 27 degrees at Plouay). Partly cloudy with slight softness in the evening; 23 degrees at 8pm and 18 degrees at midnignt.


Beautiful sunny morning with rapidly rising mercury. At midday, the omnipresent sun is accompanied by a very strong feeling of warmth.

In the afternoon, the sun that reigns over Groix, all beaches but also from Lorient north of Morbihan is accompanied by a feeling of intense heat, more sensitive north-Quéven Lanester.

Wind northeast moderate morning low at midday and the afternoon breeze effect limited to the coastal border. Fort Blocked: beautiful sea. Min: 14 / 15 degrees; maximum: 27 / 28 degrees (13 / 14 degrees to 29 / 30 degrees in the countryside, 30 degrees at Plouay). Clear sky with northern gusts (35-45 km/h); 25 degrees at 8pm and 18 degrees at midnight.

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