Cash dispensers, will they soon be obsolete

Cash Dispensers: Will They Soon be Obsolete?

MONEY: A drop in withdrawals from cash dispensers has been observed. What are the reasons for this decline? Will they disappear? On the 6th June 2023, Panorabanques published the results of its study on French banking practices and the results raise questions. Indeed, a drop in withdrawals from cash dispensers has been observed. What are the […]

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Signal could be working on a cryptocurrency payment system

Signal: A Cryptocurrency Payment System Under Development

MONEY: Some employees fear that the use of cryptocurrency may serve illegal activities First in the number of downloads from the Apple Store, Signal is currently developing cryptocurrency payment solutions, Clubic reports. Experiments based on MobileCoin (MOB) are underway. It is a cryptocurrency built on the Stellar blockchain, designed to make payments simple, secure and potentially impossible to trace can we read on Platformer. […]

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The limit for contactless payment will rise to 50 euros from May 11, 2020.

Covid-19: The Limit for Contactless Payment Increases to 50 Euros from May 11th

To support the gradual takeover of businesses, the ceiling for contactless payment will rise to 50 euros from the 11th May 2020. Until now, the limit for contactless payment has been 30 euros. But from the 11th May 2020, the day of possible deconfinement in France, it will increase to 50 euros.  The Groupement des Cartes Bancaires confirms the […]

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Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the CAF is paying social benefits earlier in April

Coronavirus: Social Benefits Paid Two Days in Advance in April

EPIDEMIC: Due to the coronavirus, the CAF is paying social benefits earlier in April, which represents a cash advance of 5 billion euros for the State In order not to penalize beneficiaries who have to withdraw their money from banks, whose operation may be disrupted due to the coronavirus, the payment of social benefits by the CAF, […]

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Payments on the Internet: The SMS to validate the purchases will disappear at the end of 2020

Payments on the Internet: The SMS to Validate the Purchases will Disappear at the End of 2020

SECURITY: The objective of the European Banking Authority is to reduce the number of frauds on online payments by credit card Starting in 2021, banks and merchants will no longer be able to offer SMS authentication for online payments . The European Banking Authority (EBA) has announced that it left until 31st December 2020 to set up a strong […]

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Facebook launches "Libra", its own virtual currency

Facebook Launches “Libra”, its Own Virtual Currency

Facebook is launching into cryptocurrency with “Libra”, a new means of payment that should particularly benefit the billion people “excluded” from the banking system Facebook will it fly with its 2.7 billion users with cryptocurrencies? In any case, this is his intention with “Libra”, a virtual currency meant to buy goods or send money as easily as an instant […]

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Despite a steady decline in its use, the cheque continues to have its followers in France

In France, the Cheque has its Followers and is Resisting Change

Expensive for banks, obsolete, not reliable enough: the cheque is doomed to disappear for years, largely due to strong government pressure. But its fans, like business, are resisting change … Latest attack: the government’s desire to reduce the period of validity of one year to six months, in a country that remains attached to it, […]

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La Banque Postale is to introduce voice recognition for payments

La Banque Postale Launches Online Payment by Voice Recognition

The Banque Postale is embarking on voice biometrics for secure payments from its customers over the Internet. To secure Internet purchases, banks usually send an encrypted code on the mobile phone of their clients. To go further, the bank of the post office, banque postale has decided to innovate by testing voice biometrics. The principle […]

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