North Korea: Pyongyang stole $ 300 million in cryptocurrency, UN says

North Korea: Pyongyang Stole $ 300 Million in Cryptocurrency, UN Says

CRYPTOCURRENCY: According to the United Nations, this money is used in particular for North Korea to finance its nuclear and ballistic programs North Korean hackers are once again in the eye of the United Nations. The country has stolen more than $ 300 million in cryptocurrency in recent months through computer attacks intended to finance its banned nuclear and ballistic […]

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North Korea threatens the United States by unveiling giant missile

North Korea Threatens by Unveiling Giant New Missile

Pyongyang paraded on Saturday 10th October 2020 an intercontinental ballistic missile of unprecedented size. According to experts, this is a signal sent to the United States North Korea unveiled a giant new intercontinental ballistic missile on  Saturday 10th October 2020 in a military parade, an explicit threat to the US missile defence system but also an implicit challenge for the […]

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North Korea shoots two short-range missiles

North Korea: Regime Shoots Two Short-Range Missiles

ARMY: According to the South Korean Joint Staff, these are probably short-range ballistic missiles that North Korea fired The global health crisis is not easing tensions on the Korean peninsula. North Korea fired two missiles toward the Sea of Japan, presumably, ballistic missiles of short-range have indeed said Friday the South Korean army. These missiles were launched from the […]

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Historic rendezvous for Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un at the inter-Korean border

Historic Rendezvous for Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un at the Korean Border

Kim Jong Un accepted Donald Trump’s last-minute invitation to meet him at the border between the two Koreans, hoping to revive the rapprochement process. Donald Trump succeeded: Kim Jong Un on Sunday accepted his last-minute invitation to meet him at the border between the two Korea, hoping to restart the process of rapprochement with the regime hit by […]

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Meeting at the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, between the IOC and North and South Korean officials for a unified Korean team at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, February 15, 2019.

Olympics Tokyo-2020: North and South Korea Unified in Several Sports?

At a meeting at the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne on Friday 15th February, South Korea and North Korea discussed their joint plans for the Olympics. The two Koreas , who have begun a spectacular sports match at the Pyoengchang-2018 Olympic Games , want to go further with the envisaged participation of unified teams in four […]

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Macron calls for de_escalationof tensions with North Korea

North Korea: Macron calls to “prevent escalation of tensions”

The French president calls for de-escalation on Saturday after the long war of words between Donald Trump and his Korean counterpart, Kim Jong-un. The two countries defy and threaten nuclear bombings respectively since the beginning of the week. Emmanuel Macron Saturday called “the responsibility of all and to prevent any escalation of tensions” , after several days of […]

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