North Korea: Regime Shoots Two Short-Range Missiles

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North Korea shoots two short-range missiles

ARMY: According to the South Korean Joint Staff, these are probably short-range ballistic missiles that North Korea fired

The global health crisis is not easing tensions on the Korean peninsula. North Korea fired two missiles toward the Sea of Japan, presumably, ballistic missiles of short-range have indeed said Friday the South Korean army. These missiles were launched from the province of North Pyongan (west), said the joint staff, without providing further details.

Japan detects fire

“The army is watching for other possible shots and remains on high alert,” added the South Koreans. The Japanese Ministry of Defense said that it had detected what appeared to be “one or more ballistic missile type projectiles”.

At the beginning of March, in a full deadlock on the negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang on the North Korean nuclear and ballistic programs, the country endowed with the nuclear weapon had made similar shots twice. This time, the projectiles having crossed all the country from west to east, it is about an exercise from coast to coast, underlined Ankit Panda, of the Federation of American Scientists, an NGO scrutinizing nuclear risks. The analyst, however, said he expected more details from the official North Korean news agency (KCNA) about the type of weapon tested. In the latest tests, the North Korean news agency communicated on the subject the day after the shooting.

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