With Brexit, British requests for French passports increase

Brexit. British Requests for French Passports Leap

With the Brexit, the Ministry of the Interior has registered eight times more applications from British nationals in 2017, than in 2015, announced Wednesday the Ministry of the Interior. In the run-up to Brexit, more and more Britons settled in France want to acquire French nationality, with the number of dossiers filed between 2015 and 2017 […]

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After Brexit, the British look for their European Ancestors

After Brexit, the British look for their European ancestors

A few months after the Brexit, many Britons are looking to retain the benefits of the European Union … by changing the passport. Some consular services of other EU countries find applications in very large increases. Some Britons have already applied for citizenship of another Member State without waiting for the results of negotiations on […]

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Protests to be held throughout France against the State of Emergency

Mobilization for the State of Emergency does not become “Permanent”

Demonstrations are planned in at least 70 cities in France on Saturday to oppose the draft deprivation of nationality and the extension of the state of emergency. In Paris, a demonstration will start at 2.30pm in the Republic Square to rally to the Palais-Royal. Other shows are planned in the provinces in the main cities of […]

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