Mobilization for the State of Emergency does not become “Permanent”

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Protests to be held throughout France against the State of Emergency

Demonstrations are planned in at least 70 cities in France on Saturday to oppose the draft deprivation of nationality and the extension of the state of emergency.

In Paris, a demonstration will start at 2.30pm in the Republic Square to rally to the Palais-Royal. Other shows are planned in the provinces in the main cities of France, the call collective “We will not yield” and “Stop state of emergency”, which group including trade unions (CGT, FSU, Union of Magistrates ), associations (Attac, Housing Rights, Rights front MRAP) and human rights organizations (FIDH).

Here is the map of places of events on-line by the organizers:

Voir en plein écran


These organizations demand the immediate lifting of the state of emergency, introduced after the attacks in November 2015, and the abandonment of deprivation of nationality project for persons convicted of terrorist activities, “measures that offend and undermine our freedoms in the name of a hypothetical security “, according to a collective. It is on this” major political disagreement “as Justice Minister Christiane Taubira resigned Wednesday.

“The state of emergency can not become a permanent state”

“The state of emergency can be a permanent condition and the conditions for its implementation should not hinder social democracy, the exercise of citizenship and public debate”, consider the collective, who “since 1986, laws granting more powers to the security forces, organizing an exceptional justice and restricting our freedoms under the pretext of fighting against terrorism “.

The events are held while the government wants to extend by another three months the state of emergency, which was to end on February 26. The project is presented by the cabinet Wednesday.

“No reference” to binational

Announced on the evening of the attacks of November 13 that made ​​130 dead and several hundred wounded, the state of emergency was extended by an overwhelming majority for three months on November 26 by Parliament.

Its further extension, until the end of May, which will be debated and voted in the Senate on February 9 and February 16 in the National Assembly, is more controversial, leftist parties and associations defending human rights and public freedoms worrying risk of a perpetuation of this state of emergency.

Moreover, the government is preparing a draft constitutional revision, reviewed in session from 5 February at the Palais Bourbon. The plans to include in the Constitution a state of emergency, to secure it legally and frame according to the executive, and the extension of deprivation of nationality to persons convicted of a crime or offence constituting a serious attack on the life of the nation, another measure strongly contested.

The extension of deprivation of nationality finally understand “no reference” to the binational not to “stigmatize”, Manuel Valls said Wednesday, although in practice they could only remain exposed to this extent fracturing the left.

The revision of the Constitution require to be definitively adopted, a vote on the same version in both bedrooms and a three-fifths majority of votes cast in Congress.

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