Soon the End of Toll Gates (and Traffic Jams) on the Highway?

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The government plans to phase out physical tolls on motorways.

In a draft law, the government plans to eliminate physical tolls by eliminating barriers, in order to streamline traffic and limit pollution. Details.

No more traffic jams on the highways ? This is the promise of the government that wants to develop tolls without barriers on the major axes of France.

In the latest version of the draft mobility law (LOM), unveiled by the Context website , the payment of the journey would be made by sensors that detect a badge, a sticker or the license plate of the vehicle.

Less congestion, less pollution?

The device, called free flow and presented by Le Parisien, would eventually replace physical tolls on the motorway network. The system aims to limit car congestion, and therefore pollution. 

Specifically, motorists will have to buy an RFID chip label to buy in advance on the Internet or at a terminal at the entrance to the highway. Stuck on the windshield, it works like a pre-paid card, says the website Caradisiac .

Other drivers, “flashed” with the LAPI system , will receive an invoice at the address indicated on their Carte Grise (registration details) card.

Explosion of fraud

This system, however, has a disadvantage, and size: fraud.

Indeed, according to our colleagues, “motorists who do not pay tolls today would represent less than 0.02%,” says the newspaper.

“With the free flow, they would go to 5%, or 500 million euros of loss of revenue for motorway operators.”

Fraudsters will be punished more severely

To mitigate revenue down, the law will strengthen the legal arsenal and thus toughen the sanctions.

“The fact for any driver to evade in the usual way (five tickets in less than 12 months) the payment of the toll on a highway or a road structure open to public traffic is punishable by six months of imprisonment and 7 500 euros d ‘fine.”

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