Beware of the false promotions on the internet this Black Friday

Black Friday: Beware of False promotions on the Internet!

The “UFC- Que Choisir” site has shown, with supporting examples, that several online giants have false promotions for Black Friday.  The “UFC- Que Choisir” site has shown, with supporting examples, that several online giants have taken very great liberties with real fake exaggerated promotions. With a known system, that of artificially inflating prices to give the impression that […]

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We have selected ten titles among the best video games of the year 2020

On PS4, PS5 and XBox. Our Pick of the Best Video Games of 2020 for Christmas

Christmas is coming and you want to give video games. Are you hesitating? You will find your happiness among these titles released in 2020, which we have tested and selected for you! Christmas is approaching and you want to please by offering, or by treating yourself, video games, among the best released in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5  or Xbox? You’re […]

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Single-use surgical masks can actually be washed and reused according to a test by UFC-Que Choisir.

Coronavirus: It is Possible to Wash and Reuse Surgical Masks 10 Times According to UFC-Que Choisir

Your wallet and the planet will thank you if you wash and reuse your surgical masks against Covid-19 Not so disposable after all. According to  UFC-Que Choisir, surgical masks used as a barrier for the coronavirus Covid-19, are reusable many times over. “  Our express test on three models purchased in supermarkets and drugstores shows that after ten machine washes […]

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Aznom Palladium

Aznom Palladium Shakes up the Codes (of Good Taste)

AUTO: Specialized in the production of custom cars, Aznom has just presented its latest creation: the Palladium. A model for the less baroque and decadent … This “bling-bling” juggernaut of over 6m long, which is inspired by luxury cars like the Rolls-Royce Phantom, is none other than an Aznom Palladium, a model-based… on the American Ram pick-up 1500! Weighing nearly 2,650 kg […]

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The Mercedes A Class gets a different diesel engine for its base model

Mercedes A Class: More Power for the Base Diesel.

AUTO: Mercedes is replacing the original Renault 1.5 diesel engine in its A Class 180 d with a “house” 2.0 unit which gives it more power. Following the end of the partnership between Renault and Mercedes, the 1.5 diesel engine that is fitted to the ‘Mercedes A Class 180 d’ is being withdrawn in favour of a 2-litre already […]

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Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept

Bentley: A Fully Electrified Future.

AUTO: On the occasion of its centenary, the British brand has just presented its strategy called Beyond 100, which promises a complete switch to electric by 2026. Bentley Motors has revealed its intention to become a global leader in sustainable luxury mobility with its Beyond100 strategy, unveiled on November 5. The brand will reinvent all aspects of […]

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Choose it very yellow, the quince does not ripen once picked.

Recipe Idea: Quince, a Tasty Mix of Apple and Pear

It is the season of the quince, pretty yellow fruit with undeniable nutritional qualities. Alone or as an accompaniment to your savoury dishes, quince wants you good. The fruits of the quince are called golden apples or Cydonie pears. The skin of the quince is however very different from that of pears, it is fluffy and more recalcitrant. Moreover, the quince is eaten […]

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How long should you ventilate your house to protect from the Coronavirus

5 Minutes, 30 Minutes… How Long Does it Take to Ventilate Your Home?

The government is asking you to open your windows to fight the coronavirus. How long do you have to ventilate your rooms? A new recommendation from the government. Eight months after the start of the coronavirus epidemic in France, the executive has just added a new barrier measure to its long list of actions to be respected. Wearing […]

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The coronavirus pathogen survives nine hours on the skin

Coronavirus: The Pathogen Survives Nine Hours on the Skin

According to a Japanese study, the coronavirus is inactivated within 15 seconds by the application of ethanol Those who still doubt the usefulness of barrier gestures, such as avoiding shaking hands, will have in this study a counter-argument to their position. According to Japanese researchers, the coronavirus remains active on the skin for nine hours. The study published this […]

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The aid of 150 euros extended to the beneficiaries of the APL and to the scholarship holders

Poverty Plan: The Aid of 150 Euros Extended to the Beneficiaries of the APL and Bursary Holders

Faced with the discontent of associations, Jean Castex retropédale and announces that “400,000 young people” will benefit from this aid We know a little more about the help that the government will provide in the fight against poverty. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the aid of 150 euros unveiled this week for the most precarious people would […]

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