A new Brexit agreement has been announced

Brexit: An Agreement Announced Before the Summit

After long days of thorny negotiations, a Brexit agreement on the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union was found this Thursday 17th October 2019. An agreement on Brexit was announced Thursday 17th October 2019 by Jean-Claude Juncker and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, just before a European summit and after long days […]

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The "compromise" proposed by Boris Johnson on Brexit , particularly on the sensitive issue of the Irish border , did not convince the Europeans

Brexit: Boris Johnson’s Offer Does Not Convince the EU

AGAIN AND AGAIN: For Michel Barnier, as for Jean-Claude Juncker, on the question of Northern Ireland, there is still a lot of work “to achieve the three objectives of the safety net: the absence of borders, the protection of the Irish economy and the protection of the single market “ The “compromise” proposed by Boris Johnson […]

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Brexit negotiat

Brexit: Juncker Still Believes in an Agreement in November

BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS: “The potential for an agreement between the two parties has increased in recent days,” said Jean-Claude Juncker to the Austrian press .. The chances of an “agreement” between the EU and Britain in the Brexit negotiations have “increased” in recent days, said the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, according to statements reported […]

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The United Kingdom have made an agreement so that discussions on Brexit can continue

Brexit; Agreement Reached Between Brussels and London on the Terms of the “Divorce”

The UK and the EU have made progress deemed “sufficient” in the negotiations on the terms of their separation to proceed to the second phase of discussions on their future business relations, said the European Commission this Friday. Regarding Ireland, Theresa May ensures that “there will be no hard border”. The European Commission, which conducts the […]

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The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to say on Wednesday its annual speech on the state of the Union.

Juncker: EU’s existence is “not threatened” by the Brexit

The existence of the European Union is “not threatened” by the British decision to leave, said on Wednesday by the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, in his annual keynote speech on the State of the Union . “We respect the decision of the British, but the EU is not threatened in its existence by […]

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