President Hollande annouced an investmenty of one billion euros for digital schools

Francois Hollande. One billion euros for the digital school

Hollande announced that “one billion euros over three years” will be devoted to a comprehensive plan for the digital school. President Francois Hollande indicated that the implementation of this plan began “today”. “One third of this investment will come from existing money allocated in the future investment program” and “the rest, 650 million, will be borne […]

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Hollande wants to boost investment in France

Hollande wants to Boost Investment

President Hollande  speaking yesterday to the defense industry, says that it has has “a future in France.”  The president announced a series of measures for investment for companies, including an “exceptional tax mechanism” of investment support. The head of state was visiting the Forges de Trie-Château (Oise) site that has escaped bankruptcy in 2008, after […]

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Cisco to invest 100 million in France

Cisco to invest $100 Million & train 200K employees in France

The French Government announced in a statement this week, that Cisco are to invest $100 million in French businesses as well as providing training for up to 200,000 people in different professions in France. Although the announcement made on behalf of the current Prime minister, Manuel Valls, didn’t  include any detailed information of when this […]

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